Services and expertise

Some of my services are listed on the 'About Me' page, however, I recognise that one of the leading issues in todays economic climate is 'how much will it cost?'


Pricing does vary dependent on the size of your organisation, the types of risks there are in your work, and the number of employees you have, and the cost of an ongoing consultancy contract will be influenced by these factors; however, an ongoing contract can work out at under £2 a day - a small price to pay for systems and advice that help you keep your organisation or business legally compliant.


Please contact me for a quote for your work - you might be surprised to find that it won't be as expensive as you think!

CDM Health and Safety Advisor


The changes to the Construction Design and Management Regulations mean that there is no longer a requirement for a CDM Co-ordinator, however, the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor will still require an input on health and safety from a competent and qualified person to meet their responsibilities.


I can help and advise you with your duties under CDM, and carry out site audits at request.


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O&M Manuals and CDM Health and Safety Files

Some clients simply need a contractor to gather information for these files, collate them into a predetermined template and produce finished hard copies in ring binders.


I can offer this service for a reasonable fee, which will be based on your needs.  I produce high quality files, the contents of which will fall in line with CDM guidance, and, more importantly, will be easy to use.  I can also offer electronic disc versions of these files, with hyperlinks for ease of reference.


Pricing is dependant on the scale of the project and the number of hard copies / discs required. 


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